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I met the man who      wasn't there. 

Curvy Tree Road

Our fundraising video.

Click through the slideshow below to learn more about our film (to be).

We have raised half the budget
through our crowdfund!!! 

Thank you SO much! 

Project Synopsis


Robin, a struggling musician in her early 30’s, is deep in debt, and reeling from grief following the sudden death of her mother. She is shocked to find that, through a technicality, she has now inherited a house from her long-missing father’s estranged side of the family. 

Robin moves in, determined to find out what happened to her father - and who her family really is.

As she investigates, she hears eerie music at night, experiences missing time, and has vivid dreams of her father. She learns that the men on her father’s side of the family were members of The Owls Club; an iniquitous, clandestine organization that holds great economic and social control over the global order, and is ruthless in its methods of maintaining that control. The Owls are responsible for what happened to Robin’s father. This is their house. 

Now, Robin has disturbed the status quo - putting her in mortal danger.


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Caty Cole (Writer/Director/Producer): Caty received her BA in Cinema from San Francisco State, where she studied with professors Julian Hoxter, Joseph McBride, Scott Boswell, Jameson Goldner, Jan Millsapps, and Karen Holmes. She is a proud graduate of the Evening Conservatory acting program at the Atlantic Acting School (NYC), where she studied with Cynthia Silver, Francine Zerfas, Katie Bull, Anya Saffir, Carl Howell, Charley Layton, Jacquelyn Landgraf, and Karen Kohlhaas. Caty has worked various positions on many independent films and commercials. She served as Script Supervisor on CineNatura’s “The Shallows”, Pabrika Films “Little Dove”, La Dona films “Uno, Dos, Tres”, and Vindigo Productions “INNA”. Caty was the Art Department Assistant on “Bring Me An Avocado” and Wardrobe Assistant on Muse Media productions’ “Tale of Everyday Magic”. Currently, Caty is the co-owner and administrator at Apple Pi preschool and child care, using her skills as producer to co-found and run an innovative, multiple-intelligences approach to child care and scholastic readiness. Caty is also working to expand Apple Pi preschool to include a micro-farm to expand parents’ and childrens’ understanding of sustainable food-systems.

This is Caty’s first feature as Writer/Director/Producer, and she is excited to be making a true-to-the-spirit-of-indie piece with an ensemble of like-minded artists on a kind set.


Quoi Rosewood (Producer):

Quoi Rosewood is a filmmaker living in West Oakland. Originally from Santa Cruz, CA, Quoi studied experimental film at Mills College, graduating in 2015 and working in the commercial film and photo industry thereafter. Now turning her attention to Directing and Producing, Quoi finds herself collaborating with fellow emerging filmmakers on thoughtful projects that combine high-quality filmmaking with authentic storytelling from a diverse range of voices. Many projects are site-specific and capture the essence of the Bay Area - the culture, the natural beauty, and the rich history. 


Quoi lives at home with her 2 cats, 2 dogs, and all the plants.

Production Details

A SAG Ultra Low Budget Feature.

The shoot will be in Sonoma county and other parts of the Bay Area, primarily in the cities of Cotati, and Sebastopol.


Thanks for submitting!

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